Kokkino Stivani



Located at the center of Heraklion city, Kokkino Stivani is a Greek restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine where you can treat yourself with creative dishes made from traditional recipes from all over Greece.

Kokkino Stivani is a Greek word and it means “Red Boot”. Cretan people used to wear red boots with their traditional costume when they were going out for a walk or even when they were working long hours at the fields. Kokkino Stivani symbolises the hard work and the tradition.

In here, we create traditional dishes, but you need to work hard to accomplish the perfect recipe. You need to search for the perfect and most fresh local products from all over Greece and always experiment with new ideas and creations. Because in the end, cooking is  about art and at Kokkino Stivani we know really well that if you respect art, it will pay you back with its beauty.

Welcome to our Mediterranean food gallery.

Take a look

Kokkino Stivani is a ground floor place renovated to accompagny the traditional atmosphere that dominates at the interior.

Opening hours

Kokkino Stivani stays open throughout the year.

Monday – Sunday | 1.00 pm to 2.00 am

Meet “Kokkino Stivani”

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