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Everything started back in 2006, when we created our first food spot at the center of Heraklion city, in Crete. Our true love for real food and our belief that eating food is a true and unique dining experience each time someone sits at a table rather than a daily procedure, brought positive feedback from the people that visited us.

From that time we told ourselves that this was what we really wanted to do and what we were doing was coming out of our hearts, that’s the main reason it flourished. Since then, we continue delivering exceptional food services, expanding our food and entertainment venues throughout the Heraklion city.

Food spots
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Food Pro is dedicated to providing an impeccable dining experience.

The philosophy of Food Pro group of restaurants is to provide its guests with an ultimate experience of dining in Heraklion. Combining different cuisines around the world, as well as the most famous Mediterranean Cuisine, we work with the best local and non local producers to bring the best ingredients to your table. Every dish has equal and an important place on the menu, designed for you to have an individual dining experience according to your personal preference. Every venue is designed in a way that it feels like home, because we see you as family.

For us, top quality means great experience.

The quality assurance procedure starts from the careful selection of raw materials such as the extra virgin olive oil. Excellent raw materials will contribute to the successful creation of the recipes. We carefully pick and train our personnel, so that the table delivery will be outstanding.

Last but not least, we focus on the after-diner experience as we call it. This is the time that our customer leaves the venue and starts shaping an opinion about his experience, so we need to be all ears. How, through being social, having installed a stable and continuous online presence where anyone can say anything, from congrats to reviews that help us evolute and offer better services.

We believe that it's the people that make a company firstly exist and secondly grow. Our people make us different, cause in the end, no matter how good is your pasta, it's the people that will push more and more to make this pasta better.

By saying "our people" we also mean you, you are the ones who taste, chat and laugh, you are the ones that bring our places to life.

To bring as many people as we can to taste high-quality food. At Food Pro, we believe that good food is something that must and should be accessible to everyone regardless of their economic and social status. Tasting is living, tasting broadens your mind and travels you to unexplored worlds.

We want to create state of the art food spots where people can feel the real dining experience and treat their senses with the magic tastes of local and universal cuisines. Good food creates happy people. so we want to introduce everyone to the beautiful feelings that a perfectly executed recipe can give. We want to make a happy world around us.

Our Venues

Wondering where you can find us? Below you can see our restaurants’ exact locations in the city of Heraklion and the contact details in case you want to give us a shout.

Almyra Seaside Food and Cocktails is located at the picturesque and windless cove of Agia Pelagia, offering a unique dining experience, unforgettable parties and special events just a breathe away from the endless blue of the Cretan Sea.

Via Pastarella Italian restaurant is located at the beautiful pedestrian area of the Heraklion city Centre just a breath away from the famous Theotokopoulos Park.

Lokal is located at a beautifully renovated neoclassical building at the heart of Heraklion city.

The Garden is an awarded garden located at the heart of Heraklion city.

Yankees Grill & Burger is located at Talos Plaza mall on the northern coast road of Heraklion city.

Pastarella Italian restaurant and delivery is located at Talos Plaza mall on the northern coast road of Heraklion city.

Yasouvlaki is a premium Grill & Giros self service restaurant located at Talos Plaza mall on the northern coast road of Heraklion city.

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